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Experts: Lawsuit Could End 'Cancerous Pro-Jihad Group'

CAIR is suing The Gaubatz father and song team for taking sensitive material from their Washington offices. Defendants are claiming that CAIR cannot sue as they changed their official name in 2007 in the fog of the Holyland Foundation trial. Says counterterrorism expert Steve Emerson, “"it certainly appears that CAIR changed its name due its being named as an unindicted co-conspirator…CAIR does not exist legally and therefore cannot sue."

December 22, 2009
Washington, D.C.

A lawsuit by the Council on American-Islamic Relations against a father and son who conducted an undercover counter-terrorism investigation of the controversial Muslim group could backfire badly, according to several counter-terrorism experts observing the case.

As WND reported, CAIR claims P. David Gaubatz and his son, Chris Gaubatz, stole sensitive material from the group's Washington office under false pretenses. But lawyers for the defendants filed a motion to dismiss the case this week that contends CAIR has no claim because it does not legally exist.

Just two weeks after CAIR was named by the Justice Department in May 2007 as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist finance case in U.S. history, the organization changed its name to the Council on American-Islamic Relations Action Network, explains attorney Daniel Horowitz in a 34-page brief filed in federal court in the nation's capital.


FBI Swoops in to Halt Return of 'Muslim Mafia' Documents

U.S. Federal Court and the FBI are fighting over whether "confidential" incriminating evidence against CAIR dug up by the authors of Muslim Mafia should be given back to CAIR, or be given over the the FBI. Who will win? Buy the book Muslim Mafia and decide for yourself if this information is critical to our national security.

November 24, 2009
Washington, D.C.

While attorneys representing the co-author of "Muslim Mafia" were preparing late today to honor a federal court order to return documents obtained from the Council on American-Islamic Relations in an independent undercover operation, FBI agents served a warrant on a Washington, D.C., law office for the same documents.

The FBI agents entered the capital law offices of Cozen O'Connor tonight and issued a warrant for thousands of pages of documents as well as audio and video recordings gathered by P. David Gaubatz and his son Chris in a daring and lengthy undercover penetration of CAIR in which the younger Gaubatz served as an unpaid intern for the group that was labeled an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator in last year's Holy Land Foundation trial.


Feds Act to Seize N.Y. Skyscraper, 4 Mosques

“Prosecutors said the Alavi Foundation, through a front company known as Assa Corp., illegally funneled millions in rental income back to Iran 's state-owned Bank Melli. Bank Melli has been accused by a U.S. Treasury official of providing support for Iran 's nuclear program, and it is illegal in the United States to do business with the bank. ‘For two decades, the Alavi Foundation's affairs have been directed by various Iranian officials, including Iranian ambassadors to the United Nations, in violation of a series of American laws,’ U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement.” Bank Melli funds terror via zakat.

November 12, 2009
New York, NY

Federal prosecutors Thursday took steps to seize four U.S. mosques and a Fifth Avenue skyscraper owned by a nonprofit Muslim organization long suspected of being secretly controlled by the Iranian government.

In what could prove to be one of the biggest counterterrorism seizures in U.S. history, prosecutors filed a civil complaint in federal court seeking the forfeiture of more than $500 million in assets of the Alavi Foundation and an alleged front company.

The assets include Islamic centers in New York City, Maryland, California and Houston, more than 100 acres in Virginia, and a 36-story office tower in New York.


TiZA Charter School is Dogged by Suits, Criticism

The Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA) has been sued by the ACLU for promoting Islam in a public school, as well as endorsing Muslim clothing rules and dietary practices. Charlie Kyte, executive director of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, says "I have deep concerns that we have a religious institution and a public school that seem to be way too close to each other." The Muslim American Society shares space with TiZA at its Inver Grove Heights campus, and appears to have paid for Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison's 16-day pilgrimage to Mecca in 2008. TiZA received about $4.7 million in state funding this past school year.

Campus Watch
July 27, 2009
Minnesota, U.S.

Fresh controversy is swirling around the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy after the revelation that an Islamic nonprofit with ties to the Inver Grove Heights charter school paid for a Minnesota congressman's pilgrimage to Mecca.

State education officials last year investigated a substitute teacher's allegations that the public charter school promoted Islam in the classroom. The officials determined no laws had been broken, but they recommended the school modify its Friday communal prayers and provide after-school busing at different times for students who were not participating in religious activities.

The public spotlight has not eased. TiZA is now involved in two lawsuits: The American Civil Liberties Union has sued the school, and TiZA has sued the state Education Department.


Online Journalist Wins Victory Over 'Legal Jihad'

July 18, 2009
Fort Worth, TX

The full Texas Second Court of Appeals yesterday rejected an attempt by a coalition of seven Islamic organizations to further their defamation lawsuit against an online writer and have him branded as less than a "real" journalist.

As WND reported, after Joe Kaufman wrote an article for the online FrontPage Magazine exposing terrorist connections in two American Muslim groups, he was sued by a swarm of Islamic organizations, none of which he had even mentioned in his article.

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