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Muslim Scholar, Fomerly Barred, Coming to New York

Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim scholar banned from the U.S. for donating money to a charity that funded Hamas, is allowed to speak at Cooper Union this month. He will speak at a conference entitled “Secularism, Islam and Democracy: Muslims in Europe and the West,” presented by the American Association for University Professors, the ACLU, PEN American Center and Slate. Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

New York Times
March 17, 2010
New York, NY

A prominent Muslim academic barred from the United States for six years under the Patriot Act will speak at a panel at Cooper Union next month, his first public appearance since the restriction was lifted.

The scholar, Tariq Ramadan, will speak at “Secularism, Islam and Democracy: Muslims in Europe and the West,” presented on April 8 by the American Association for University Professors, the American Civil Liberties Union, PEN American Center and Slate.


Al-Qaida Calls on US Muslims to Attack America

Adam Gadahn, an American-born Muslim convert and Al-Qaida spokesman who was radicalized in a mosque in California, says Major Hasan is a role model and trailblazer for everyone. Major Hasan killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood army base. Gadahn said fighters should target mass transportation systems in the West and also wreak havoc "by killing or capturing people in government, industry and the media."

Yahoo! News
March 7, 2010
Cairo, Egypt

Al-Qaida's American-born spokesman on Sunday called on Muslims serving in the U.S. armed forces to emulate the Army major charged with killing 13 people in Fort Hood.

In a 25-minute video posted on militant Web sites, Adam Gadahn described Maj. Nidal Hasan as a pioneer who should serve as a role model for other Muslims, especially those serving Western militaries.

"Brother Nidal is the ideal role-model for every repentant Muslim in the armies of the unbelievers and apostate regimes," he said.


NJ Gets its First Muslim Superior Court Judge

Hany Mawla, 36, is the youngest judge to ever be appointed to the Superior Court in New Jersey. He devised and taught “Islamic Law and Jurisprudence” at Rutgers and said that law is a good way to give his community a voice, “For me, it was an opportunity to make sure Arabs and Muslims are more a part of the political and civic discourse that occurs in the state.”

Creeping Sharia
February 18, 2010
Trenton, New Jersey

A University political science professor became the first Muslim ever to be appointed to the Superior Court in New Jersey on Jan. 27 when he was sworn in to the Family Division of the Court in Somerset County.

Hany Mawla, 36, is also the youngest to be appointed to the Superior Court in the state, said Hesham Mahmoud, media chair of the New Jersey chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Mawla was a partner at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith and Davis in Woodbridge, where he specialized in family law.

Mawla said he and Davis devised the “Islamic Law and Jurisprudence” course at the University after Sept. 11, 2001, with the help of Abed Awad, an attorney who teaches at Rutgers School of Law-Newark.


Muslims Took Over British Underworld the Day Twin Tower Fell... Other Gangs are Terrified We're al Qaeda

Huge network of Islamic Gangs in UK, control drug trafficking and credit card scams and use Shariah & Islam to justify their violent use of power.

The Sun
February 15, 2010
London, England

In traditional Islamic headgear, Asian ex-gang member Amir poses with his sword and issues the stark warning: "Britain's underworld belongs to the Muslims."

The 21-year-old, whose organisation turned over thousands of pounds a day from drug-dealing and credit card scams, claims a post-9/11 fear of terrorism has allowed Muslims to develop a stranglehold on our criminal community.

Through Islam, he says, they have numbers which cannot be matched, and rival gangs are being forced out by ruthless Islamic criminals who only deal with each other.

They recruit black and white members in Britain's jails, tempting them to convert to Islam in exchange for a cushier life inside.

Once released, the converted cons have access to an entirely new network of Muslim criminal contacts - and are trusted because they pray to Allah.


India on Alert After Explosion Kills 9 at Bakery in Western City

Nine people were killed and fifty-seven were wounded after a bomb exploded in the Indian city of Pune, a popular area for tourists and Westerners. This attack happened shortly after India demanded that Pakistan confront domestic terrorist groups as a condition of resuming diplomatic talks. The group or individual that staged the attack has yet to be identified.

New York Times
February 13, 2010
Pune, India

Indian authorities on Saturday issued a national alert after 9 people were killed and at least 57 were wounded when a bomb exploded at a bakery in a neighborhood popular with foreign tourists in the western Indian city of Pune.

Investigative teams from New Delhi were flying to Pune, and the authorities had not linked the probable attack to any terrorist organizations or publicly identified any suspects or motive. But the timing is certain to complicate the recent overture by India to resume the high-level talks with Pakistan that broke off after the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai by Pakistani militants. India has demanded that Pakistan confront domestic terrorist groups as a condition of resuming diplomatic talks.

The Indian home secretary, G. K. Pillai, speaking to reporters on Saturday night, said the explosion occurred in a Pune neighborhood visited by David Headley, the son of a former Pakistani diplomat who has been charged with helping to plot the Mumbai attacks. Mr. Headley is accused of doing reconnaissance for the attacks for a Pakistan-based terrorist group called Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Mr. Pillai said the police had been alerted last October that Mr. Headley “had surveyed 200 yards from the bakery,” but he added that it was too early to say if Lashkar-e-Taiba was involved in the Pune blast.

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