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Written in 2001, this article best describes why the US Government continues to engage with countries who operate under the totalitarian system of Shariah Law... OIL. This would also explain why America's SEC & TSY have done poor due diligence on Islamic Finance and continue to give it a green light. Take a look at this letter from the SEC Chairman Chris Cox to Senator Jon Kyl.

South Asian Voice
October 2001

In a recent article titled "MISSING THE OIL STORY" Nina Burleigh who has written for The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and New York magazine tried to explore the connection between the latest US military intervention in Afghanistan with unexploited energy reserves in the region. For instance, she pointed to studies that suggest that by 2050, Central Asia will account for more than 80 percent of our oil. She cited a September 10 report in the Oil and Gas Journal, which reported that Central Asia represents one of the world's last great frontiers for geological survey and analysis, "offering opportunities for investment in the discovery, production, transportation, and refining of enormous quantities of oil and gas resources."

She also suggested that there was lots of oil beneath the turf of the US's "politically precarious newest best friend, Pakistan". According to an Agence France Presse report released just days before September 11, "Massive untapped gas reserves are believed to be lying beneath Pakistan's remotest deserts, but they are being held hostage by armed tribal groups demanding a better deal from the central government."

In an earlier article, Steve Niva (Evergreen State College, Washington) had pointed to how US foreign policy in the Middle East had been driven by it's "interests" in backing and influencing regimes who controlled the massive oil resources of the region. That oil has been a major factor in the politics of the Middle East has been brought out by numerous analysts and scholars of the region.

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