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Shariah Marketing Materials

Banker Middle East Product Awards 2011

CPI Financial
October 26, 2010


The Banker Middle East Product Awards is a region-wide awards programme open to all banks and financial institutions in the MENA region. The award winners are decided by a peer voting process rather than chosen by a small panel of judges and have historically received thousands of votes to decide the eventual winners. The nomination process for the Banker Middle East Product Awards is straightforward. You may nominate multiple products and services on behalf of your company by completing the nomination form and simply entering the product or service name in any or all of our 40 categories.

Deadline for nominations is 26th October 2010.


The World Islamic Banking Conference


Your Guideline to Islamic Financial Terminologies

This is a list of "financial shariah terms" according to Bank Islam. No word for purification. No discussion of the complete list of Islamic industries. If you read the description of Shariah, it's hard to understand what it means at all, or its relevance to finance. Certainly it sounds nothing like the law of Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the Taliban, etc. There is no discussion about Shariah Law as being synonymous with lack of human rights, personal freedoms, women’s rights, freedom of speech, religion, etc. There is also no discussion about Shariah Advisors or Scholars and their direct connection to Shariah-driven extremist networks, or how these advisors solely determine where funds generated from zakat and purification end up.

Bank Islam


Islamic Games Visa Platinum Rewards Card

Every time you make a purchase with this Platinum Visa, a donation is made to Islamic Games.

Support IG with every purchase:


Arab Bankers Association of North America

The Arab Bankers Association of North America is devoted to the promotion of Shariah Finance. Shariah Finance is based on political investing with an imbedded mechanism to fund mosques, CAIR , terror groups and other "charity". Free market capitalism is based on Economic investing. Shariah banking is based on political investing. 

Arab Bankers Association of North America
November 29, 2009

The Arab Bankers Association of North America is a not-for-profit professional association with members from the financial services industry in the Arab world and in North America. Through its programs, web site and publications, ABANA fosters improved relations, information-sharing and understanding between the Arab and American public and private financial sectors.

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