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Shariah & Women and Children

Saudi Girl, 12, Married Off to 80-Year-Old Man

Shariah Law permits forced child marriage. An 80-year-old man married a 12-year-old, raping her on their wedding night, resulting in her being hospitalized. Her father sold her for the equivalent of $22,600. The man is also married to three other underage girls.

The Inquisitr
January 21, 2010
Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi women’s rights advocates are outraged after a 12-year-old girl was sold by her father into marriage with an 80-year-old man.

A Saudi father, whose name has not been released, sold his 12-year-old daughter to his 80-year old cousin for the equivalent of $22,600. The elderly man, who lives in the city of Buraidah, stands accused of raping the girl after the wedding. He has previously married three other young girls.

“She was raped and they took her to the hospital after the wedding night,” Wajiha Al-Huwaidar, a Saudi journalist who has been banned from reporting by the government told The Media Line. “Usually when the girl is very young, the authorities tell the husband not to touch her until after puberty. When he was interviewed, the guy just said she was old enough and he didn’t know she would get hurt.”

The girl, already in the custody of the elderly man, was reported to have shouted “I don’t want him, save me!” when contacted by phone by a journalist from the Al Riyadh, a local newspaper in the Saudi capital.


U.K. Woman Reports Rape, Charged for Sex Outside Marriage

A British woman celebrating a marriage proposal in Dubai ’s upscale Address Hotel on New Year’s Eve is jailed along with her fiancé for drinking and having sex outside of marriage. This happened a day after she was raped in their hotel bathroom by a member of the hotel’s staff. She was drunk, he followed her into the restroom and raped her. The victim and her fiancé have had their passports confiscated. The rape is not being dealt with as the victim seems to be the criminal according to Shariah Law. Her crime? Sharing a room with the man she is about to marry.

January 11, 2010
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A British woman who alleged that she was raped in Dubai on New Year’s Eve has had her passport confiscated and may face a jail sentence after she was charged with having sex outside marriage with her fiance.

The 23-year-old woman, a Muslim from London, of Pakistani origin, said that she was attacked by a man who is understood to be a worker in the hotel where she had been drinking with her fiance to celebrate their engagement during a three-day holiday in Dubai.

When she reported to the police that she had been raped, she and her partner, 44, were themselves jailed for sex outside marriage, which is illegal under the emirate’s laws. Unmarried couples are not allowed to share hotel rooms or live together, although many establishments turn a blind eye. The couple were also charged with being drunk outside licensed premises.

The alleged assault on the woman took place at the upmarket Address Hotel in the Dubai Marina district.


Jihadists Groom Children in UK Under 10

As access to Jihadist rhetoric increases, children and teens are being attracted to and recruited by Shariah-driven militant groups. Government outreach programs are trying to deter at-risk youth from engaging in terrorism.

The Times
January 10, 2010
London, England

Police have identified children as young as seven being groomed for terrorism, with some expressing a wish to become suicide bombers.

Up to 10 primary school pupils, aged between seven and 10, have been placed on a government outreach programme for individuals considered at risk of being radicalised and turning to violence.

Some have taken inspiration from jihadi websites or after viewing extremist material in Islamic bookshops.

One child was referred to the programme by his teacher after writing on a school book: “I want to be a suicide bomber.”


War March Fanatic Anjem Choudary Runs Secret Sharia ‘Weddings’

Anjem Choudary, head of Islam4UK and self-proclaimed Shariah Court judge, “…claims that he has married more than 1,800 couples across Britain in less than ten years and conducted hundreds of divorces.” Douglas Murray, who has spoken to Choudary and written a research paper on Shariah Law for the Charles Douglas Home Memorial Prize said, “There are lots of very vulnerable women who have been deceived by this man. They are being told not to register their marriages so that they don’t have any rights as a wife in the eyes of the law in Britain ."

The Daily Mail
January 10, 2010
London, England

The Muslim extremist planning a march through Wootton Bassett runs a secret sharia court where he marries hundreds of couples – then tells them not to register their weddings.

Anjem Choudary tells them that registering their marriages is forbidden in Islam, as it would be recognition of British law.

But critics said he was leaving women open to abuse, as they could not go to a normal court to escape a violent husband or win their share in a divorce.


Lubna Al-Hussein, Sudanese Journalist Sentenced to Lashing for Wearing Pants: There Were Dozens of Thousands of Women Like Me

Lubna Al-Hussein, a Sudanese journalist, is sentenced to lashings and a fine for wearing pants. “Let me tell you, I was at a place with 400 people, and I didn’t offend anybody. The same law that requires giving a woman forty lashes for wearing pants, requires giving a man who rapes a boy, a girl, or a woman one month in prison. Nevertheless, they say that this is Islamic law…”

December 17, 2009
Khartoum, Sudan

The following are excerpts from an interview with Sudanese journalist Lubna Ahmad Al-Hussein, which aired on Al-Mihwar TV on December 17, 2009.

Lubna Ahmad Al-Hussein: I was not the only woman to be arrested. Tens of thousands of women were arrested... In one year...

First interviewer: On the cover of your book there is a picture that says a lot. Your pants are wide and are covered by a long blouse. If we could just focus on the photograph...

Lubna Ahmad Al-Hussein: These are the clothes I was wearing when I was arrested. I should point out that this veil is heavy and large, and I usually don’t wear it. I wear a lighter veil. But that day I had washed my hair, so I wore this.

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