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Shariah & Women and Children

Mother Wants Daughter Out of Solitary Confinement

Three hikers have been detained in Iran for over a year for allegedly crossing an unmarked border while hiking in Iraq. Sarah Shourd, 31, has pre-cancerous cells on her cervix that must be treated every three months. She also recently found a lump in her breast and has severe abdominal issues, as well as depression. Shourd has been in solitary confinement for a year.


August 5, 2010
Tehran, Iraq

The mother of one of the three American hikers detained in Iran asked the United Nations on Thursday to help get her daughter out of solitary confinement.

Nora Shourd, the mother of Sarah Shourd, said she has asked the United Nations special rapporteur on torture to intervene in the continued detention of her daughter.


Muslim University Students Trying to Impose Burqa on Woman Lecturer in West Bengal

Shariah spreads in India: A 24-year-old college professor in West Bengal is being forced by her students to wear a burqa.

July 30, 2010
West Bengal, India

Islamic extremism is growing in India, this according to Syed Ali Mujtaba, an Indian journalist and founder of the South Asia Contact Group. He spoke to AsiaNews about a recent incident in which the student union at an Islamic university prevented a woman lecturer from speaking unless she wore a burqa.

Shirin Middya, 24, was recently hired to teach at Aliah University, West Bengal’s first Islamic university, in Kolkata. Back in second week of April, students told her to wear a burqa; otherwise, they would not allow her to teach. News about the incident surfaced only last week. The university does not have any dress code, and wearing the burqa is not required.

Ms Middya said that she would wear the full-face garment but only of her own free will. Still, she concerned that the “students are forcing us to wear the burqa”.

Syed Ali Mutjaba, writer and peace activist, said that he is concerned about incidents of this sort. The “increasing radicalisation of Indian society is extremely worrisome,” he said.


British Girls Undergo Horror of Genital Mutilation Despite Tough Laws

500-2,000 British schoolgirls will be “cut” or genitally mutilated and “sewn” over the summer holiday. This is a Shariah-driven ritual that often results in severe infection and death. Thought to help girls appear “virginal and clean”, women in Western countries, including the U.S., are holding “cutting parties” to mutilate many young girls at once.

The Guardian
July 25, 2010
London, England

Like any 12-year-old, Jamelia was excited at the prospect of a plane journey and a long summer holiday in the sun. An avid reader, she had filled her suitcases with books and was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when her mother came for her. "She said, 'You know it's going to be today?' I didn't know exactly what it would entail but I knew something was going to be cut. I was made to believe it was genuinely part of our religion."

She went on: "I came to the living room and there were loads of women. I later found out it was to hold me down, they bring lots of women to hold the girl down. I thought I was going to be brave so I didn't really need that. I just lay down and I remember looking at the ceiling and staring at the fan.

"I don't remember screaming, I remember the ridiculous amount of pain, I remember the blood everywhere, one of the maids, I actually saw her pick up the bit of flesh that they cut away 'cause she was mopping up the blood. There was blood everywhere."

Some 500 to 2,000 British schoolgirls will be genitally mutilated over the summer holidays. Some will be taken abroad, others will be "cut" or circumcised and sewn closed here in the UK by women already living here or who are flown in and brought to "cutting parties" for a few girls at a time in a cost-saving exercise.


Hizb ut-Tahrir Member Charged in "Honor Killing" of Sister

Brother kills his 17-year-old sister while she was seeking refuge at a women's shelter. The Brother is a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group which calls for the fall of capitalism and rise of Shariah Law and Shariah Finance. Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned from entering Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, but welcomed in the United States. They held a conference at a Hilton in Chicago in 2009.

Responsible for Equality and Liberty
July 21, 2010
Diyarbakir Province, Turkey

Turkish news media is reporting on an “honor killing” of a 17 year old girl, Seyma G., by her brother “Y.G.” The brother accused with the murder was a member of the anti-democracy group Hizb ut-Tahrir. The murdered girl, Seyma G. had reportedly been staying in a shelter for women, fleeing family abuse.

The international group Hizb ut-Tahrir is against democracy and freedom, seeks the creation of a global Islamic caliphate, and calls for the “death penalty” for “traitors” who leave Islam. The Hizb ut-Tahrir America organization had a conference scheduled for July 11, 2010 in a Chicago area suburb, that was canceled by Marriott Hotels.

Turkish media Today’s Zaman reports: “Girl’s murder by brother was ‘honor killing” ’states that “The police statement also noted that Y.G. was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation), an outlawed fundamentalist organization. Y.G., who was detained during the Diyarbakir police investigation, was questioned and then jailed on July 16.”


Stop Iran from Executing Mother Accused of Adultery

Mohammadi Ashtiani has been accused of having “an illicit relationship outside marriage.” She has been imprisoned since 2006, has already received 99 lashes, and now the Iranian government wants to sentence her to death by stoning. Due to international pressure, her execution has been delayed. Here is an opportunity to make your voice heard.
July 9, 2010
Tehran, Iran

Targeting: Ayatollah Sadeqh Larijani and Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei Started by: Amnesty International USA

Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian mother of two, could be executed at any moment.

The Iranian government was until recently set to carry out the barbaric use of stoning against Mohammadi Ashtiani for allegedly conducting an "illicit relationship outside marriage," despite the lack of any corroborating evidence against her.

Iranian officials were prepared to bury Mohammadi Ashtiani up to her chest and then throw stones at her head until she died. But after a major international uproar, Iranian officials changed their minds.

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