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Police Plea to Victims of 'Honour' Crimes

Honor killings/attacks on the rise in Great Britain."Extreme violence can be used, up to and including rape and potentially murder - we know that from what we have seen in England, in particular."


The Scotsman
September 27, 2010
Edinburgh, Scotland

Police are launching a campaign to tackle honour-based violence in Muslim communities by encouraging more victims to come forward. The number of cases in Scotland is growing, and although there have been only 31 reported in Lothian and Borders since the start of 2009, this is believed to be the tip of the iceberg as few victims are willing or able to come forward.

When they do contact either the police or support agencies, the extent of the violence has often become so severe that it is unbearable.


Pope Monitoring Iranian Woman Sentenced to Stoning Death, Vatican Says

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani faces being stoned to death (the punishment for adultery under Shariah Law.) Now that her (or a similar looking woman’s) picture has been seen sans headscarf in the newspaper, she faces an additional punishment of 99 lashes. Iranian law requies all women, regardless of their faith, to wear garments that cover their hair and bodies. Ashtiani, who is being held in Tabriz, Iran, no longer has visitation rights.


September 5, 2010
The Vatican, Vatican City

Pope Benedict XVI is monitoring the case of an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning and has not ruled out getting involved through diplomatic channels, the Vatican said Sunday.

As he has in the past in humanitarian cases, the pope would intervene if asked by authorities in another country and would do so through proper diplomatic channels, not publicly, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said in a statement.

"The Holy See is following the case with attention and participation," Lombardi said. "The position of the church, which is opposed to the death penalty, is that stoning is a particularly brutal form."

According to Italy's official news agency ANSA, the Italian government is leading the case for clemency for the woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.


Schoolgirls in Afghanistan Continue to Face Threats, Attacks

Girls are threatened, brutally attacked, and killed each day in Afghanistan simply for going to school. Schools are torched or bombed, and teachers are also targeted. This article (while calling Shariah-adherent terrorists “conservative”) does include meaningful ways in which you can take action to help girls stay in school, and to help these schools stay in operation.

Yahoo! News
August 25, 2010
Kabul, Afghanistan

Fifty-nine Afghan schoolgirls and 14 teachers were hospitalized this morning after an apparent gas poisoning, CNN reported. The attack occurred at a girls' high school in Kabul.

Ultra-conservative elements in Afghan society oppose female education and have a history of setting fire to girls' schools, threatening teachers and attacking students. Some even earn money for doing so. Although these extremists aim to terrify girls back into isolation and ignorance, many young women refuse be intimidated.

In 2001, only 1 million Afghans were enrolled in school, all of them boys, The New York Times reported. Today, approximately 7 million Afghan children attend school, of which 2.6 million are girls. However, schools for girls still remain closed in Taliban strongholds, particularly in southern and eastern Afghanistan.


Iran to Raise Baby Girls as Basij Members

“The ‘Basij babies’ program suggests that some in the Islamic republic believe that children should be indoctrinated not at elementary schools but even before that -- as soon as they're born, in order to prevent them from turning into potential critics or independent individuals who want to decide about the way they live themselves and not based on the rules set by the Iranian establishment.”

Iran Focus
August 23, 2010
Tehran, Iran

A female commander of the pro-government Basij militia, Zohreh Abbasi, has said that her unit has introduced a special program that allows baby girls to be registered as members of the force and receive training.

Abbasi, who heads the Hossein Haj Mousaee unit, said that in the past six years 23 baby girls had been trained as Basij members through "Koranic, cultural, educational, and military" classes.

"In this regard Basij mothers register their baby girls 40 days after they were born at the Hossein Haj Mousaee unit by presenting documents and IDs," Abbasi was quoted as saying by Iranian news websites.

She said 420 women are currently members of the Hossein Haj Mousaee Basij unit. She added that two babies have recently been born and that work is under way to prepare a dossiers for the new "Basij babies" and enroll them in the special program.


Iranian Facing Stoning Speaks: 'It's Because I'm a Woman'

"The answer is quite simple, it's because I'm a woman, it's because they think they can do anything to women in this country. It's because for them adultery is worse than murder – but not all kinds of adultery: an adulterous man might not even be imprisoned but an adulterous women is the end of the world for them. It's because I'm in a country where its women do not have the right to divorce their husbands and are deprived of their basic rights."


The Guardian
August 6, 2010
Tehran, Iran

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, the woman whose sentence of death by stoning triggered an international outcry has accused the Iranian authorities of lying about the charges against her to pave the way to execute her in secret.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, 43, was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery but it was commuted to hanging after an international outcry. Her initial sentence was for "having an illicit relationship outside marriage" but Iranian officials have claimed that she was also found guilty of murdering her husband and should still face death by stoning.

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