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Victory for Free Speech

In the words of Joe Kaufman: “The fear is that, if one writes something that is disagreeable to Islamist groups – even if it’s based entirely on fact, which my article was – he/she will be sued. And in my case, I was sued for writing about groups more than half of which I had never heard of. Indeed, when my lawyers and I walked into the courtroom in October 2007 for a hearing on the case, the courthouse was packed with what seemed to be the entire Dallas-area Muslim community. I was rubbing shoulders with people that were eyeing me like they yearned for my death. Who knows how many writers in the past have been frightened off by this intimidation? Here in America, we have our freedoms, but they can easily be abused, as can the legal system.”

FrontPage Magazine
June 29, 2009

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Joe Kaufman, the Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch.

FP: Joe Kaufman, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

The Texas Court of Appeals has just dismissed the case that was brought against you. Congratulations.

Tell us what this case was about.

Kaufman: Yes, it was an important victory, for both the War on Terrorism and Freedom of Speech. Thank you for allowing me this forum to speak about it.


Maine Fines Group for ‘Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Message’

The Christian Action Network was fined $4,000 by the State of Maine for "inflammatory anti-Muslim Message". CAN urged members to petition Governor of Maine NOT to adopt religious Islamic curriculum ongoing in California public school on the basis of separation of church and state.

Pajamas Media
June 25, 2009
Augusta, Maine

An organization in the national spotlight recently for producing a documentary identifying several dozen potential terrorist training compounds in the U.S. has offended the sensibilities of Maine bureaucrats, who have fined the organization $4,000, alleging among other things that the group sent out mailings containing an “inflammatory anti-Muslim message.”

The group in question, the Christian Action Network (CAN), received notice of the fines and the fundraising ban in a May 6 letter from Elaine Thibodeau of the State of Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. Enclosed in the letter was a prepared consent agreement for CAN to sign agreeing to all of the state’s allegations, waiving all rights to appeal, and agreeing to pay the $4,000 fine. As part of the consent agreement, CAN is required to agree to all of the state’s allegations, including their assertion that their mailing amounted to hate speech.


Muslim Group Shuts Down Conservative Conference

A Nashville hotel cancelled a conference on radical Islam at the last minute “for the health, safety and well-being of our guests and employees.” Geert Wilders was set to deliver the keynote address.
May 28, 2009
Nashville, TN

The manager of a prominent Nashville hotel cancelled a contract with a conservative foundation to hold a conference this weekend on radical Islam, apparently after learning that the group would feature a keynote address by controversial Dutch parliamentarian and filmmaker, Geert Wilders.

Muslim groups succeeded in preventing Wilders from screening “Fitna,” his 15-minute movie on radical Islam, in the House of Lords this February, on claims it was insulting to Muslims, and dogged him during a recent U.S. tour as well.

Thomas A. Negri, managing director of Loew’s Vanderbilt Hotel and Office complex in Nashville, told Newsmax on Wednesday that he had taken the extraordinary step of cancelling the conference at the last minute “for the health, safety and well-being of our guests and employees.”

Negri refused to say why he felt the conference would adversely affect the “health, safety and well-being” of the hotel’s guests and employees, except to refer to the website of the New English Review, the group organizing the conference.


Legal jihad in Europe

Lawfare jihad silences journalists, liberal Muslims, and our right to freedom of speech.

Washington Times
May 24, 2009
By Valentina Colombo

No doubt about it - in Europe, Islamic lawfare gains ground day after day.

The following sentence patently explains the reason why it is proper to call this lawfare "Islamic" and why we have to be very careful with it. "The term we translate [as] 'oppressed people' refers to those who could not listen to a correct exposition of the Islamic doctrine and, since they are ignorant, they easily came to believe to the oppressors' lies against Islam. Oppressors are orientalists, authorities of religions other than Islam, journalists and all those people who contribute to the campaign of misinformation about Islam and Muslims. All those people will receive bitter punishment."

That is a comment to the Koranic verse IV, 98, which can be found in the Italian translation by the Italian convert Hamza Roberto Piccardo, former national secretary of the Union of Islamic Organizations and Communities in Italy (UCOII). The UCOII is ideologically very close to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Mr. Piccardo also is a member and spokesman of the European Muslim Network, headed by Tariq Ramadan.


American Idol Sharia Style


On Monday Afghanistan’s lower house of Parliament passed a resolution banning television programs which feature dancing and other practices deemed un-Islamic.

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