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Money Talks: Deterring Libel Tourism

Jennifer A. N. White, a lawyer specializing in corporate governance and anti-money laundering, writes the following, “For actual protection against libel tourism, the critical pieces of ‘The Freedom of Speech Act of 2009’ must stay in place – the ability for the harmed U.S. person to bring an action and the corresponding damages provisions. [Khalid] Bin Mahfouz’s son, Abdulrahman, who engaged in serial libel tourism with his father, (together they filed 40 suits against American journalists and authors in English courts) appears ready, willing and able to continue the practice.”


Family Security Matters
January 6, 2010
Washington, D.C.
Jennifer White

During my days working as an attorney on large Wall Street financial cases, one of my mentors said, as I pondered the organizational review of what I knew would be tens of thousands of pieces of paper: “follow the money.” Money talks.

Nearly a year ago, on February 13, 2009, Sen. Arlen Specter (then-R-PA) introduced S. 449, “The Free Speech Protection Act of 2009,” co-sponsored by Sens. Lieberman and Wyden. Companion legislation, H.R 1304, was introduced in the House by Representative King on March 4, 2009. Both were introduced to staunch the pernicious practice of libel tourism.


Pakistan: Repeal of Blasphemy Laws Still a Pipe Dream

Despite the fact that more and more people and human rights groups calling for Pakistan ’s Blasphemy Law to be repealed, government officials who desire to repeal the law seem to acquiesce to political and/or religious pressure, keeping the law as it stands. Between 1986 and 2009, 986 people charged with breaking the Blasphemy Law have died, most at the hands of lynch mobs.

Inter Press Service
October 6, 2009
Karachi, Pakistan

It is a never-ending saga.

Every time someone charged with violation of the controversial blasphemy laws is murdered or suffers mistreatment in the hands of an angry mob or individual, calls for their repeal intensify.

Yet concerned sectors are still waiting anxiously for concrete action by the state to stem the tide of religious violence against minority groups who bear the brunt of these laws.

The death of a 20-year-old Christian while in the custody of the police has intensified the campaign against the laws. But clerics are not backing down, insisting the laws should stay.


Libel Tourism Deterred

The bipartisan Free Speech Act is now pending in Congress. There is a Saudi initiative to stop this bill from passing. We must take action to urge Congress to pass this bill in order to protect our right of freedom of speech from foreign libel judgments.

The American Spectator
September 17, 2009
Washington D.C.

The Saudi billionaire and serial "libel tourist" Khalid bin Mahfouz is dead, but libel tourism (the use of foreign courts to sue American writers) continues to threaten Americans free speech rights.

Sadly, the Special Report on Islamist Lawfare by Aaron Eitan Meyer that appeared in the Spectator on September 15 misleads the reader to think that fighting for laws to protect Americans from libel tourism is "dangerous." Specifically, Meyer hopes that "bin Mahfouz's demise will provide an end to the dangerous overemphasis that has been placed on libel tourism." Such a statement is astonishing from the assistant director of the Legal Project of the Middle East Forum, which uses the dire threat of libel tourism to raise funds for their own organization.


Palestinian Pictures Presents…

Fathi Hamad, Gaza’s Hamas interior minister, announces that the Hamas-made film “Imad Aqel” was created "to make quality art that is Islamic...". According to Reuters, the most memorable line of the movie is: “To kill Israeli soldiers is to worship God.” Audiences at cultural centers in the Gaza strip cheered at the debut.

Kipp Report
August 4, 2009
Gaza City, Gaza Strip

“It’s Hamaswood instead of Hollywood,” Fathi Hamad, Gaza’s Hamas interior minister, told AP after the debut screening of “Imad Aqel,” the first feature film made by Hamas. “We are trying to make quality art that is Islamic and about the resistance, without provocative (sexual) scenes,” he said.

“Imad Aqel” is named after Aqel, a Palestinian militant who was killed by Israeli soldiers in 1993. It tells the story of Hamas’s founding, attacks by Aqel on the Israeli military, and the signing of the Oslo peace accord between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. The script was written by Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior leader of Hamas, and according to Reuters the movie cost $120,000 and took 10 months to make. Four actors in the film were later killed in an Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip last December.


Texas Appellate Court Deals Another Blow to Islamist Lawfare

Thomas More Law Center
July 2, 2009
Fort Worth, TX

Yesterday, seven Texas-area Muslim organizations filed an appeal of the unanimous ruling of the Texas Second Court of Appeals at Forth Worth, which protected the free speech rights of internet journalists and at the same time dealt a blow to the legal jihad being waged by radical Muslim groups throughout the United States. The Court ruling authored by Justice Terrie Livingston, dismissed the libel lawsuit filed against internet reporter Joe Kaufman by the seven Muslim organizations.

The lawsuit against Kaufman was funded by the Muslim Legal Fund for America. The head of that organization, Khalil Meek, admitted on a Muslim radio show that lawsuits were being filed against Kaufman and others to set an example. Indeed, for the last several years, Muslim groups in the U.S. have engaged in the tactic of filing meritless lawsuits to silence any public discussion of Islamic terrorist threats. This tactic, referred to by some as Islamist Lawfare uses our laws and legal system to silence critics and promote Islamic rule in America.

The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan provided the lead attorney to represent Kaufman, at no charge. The Law Center attorney, Brandon Bolling, was assisted by Texas attorney Thomas S. Brandon, Jr. who acted as local counsel, and Los Angeles, CA attorneys William Becker, Jr. and Manuel S. Klausner.

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