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Hogan Lovell

Over the past three years, we have advised on more than 200 Islamic finance transactions with an aggregate deal value in excess of US$40bn.  Our team members are at the forefront of developments in the Islamic finance industry. We help set standards for the sector. We have also advised on numerous first-of-their-kind transactions, such as the first convertible Sukuk, the first equity-linked Sukuk, the first Sharia-compliant securitization, the first international Sukuk al-mudaraba and Sukuk al-musharaka, the first Sukuk buy-back, and the first Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) guaranteed Islamic project financing.

Gersten Savage

Chairman of the hedge fund practice: Eric Roper

Customer Service email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


"An understanding of the basic concepts and the differences between Islamic and non-Islamic commerce will allow financial institutions to make Shariah-compliant solutions work," Roper said. (


“…is acting as a sponsor and will also serve as a chair of an upcoming conference in New York that will examine a wide variety of

Shariah-compliant investing issuesThe firm has acted as counsel to Shariah Capital Inc.,”


Patton Boggs Law Firm

Chairman: Thomas Hale Boggs, Jr.

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“Patton Boggs is at the forefront of international law firms working in the complex field of Shariah-compliant finance and investment”

“On the regulatory side, our lawyers have advised in government-to-government negotiations intended to expand the range of Islamic banking products and services available in the United States”


Patton Boggs was honored as a finalist for the “Best Islamic Finance Law Firm” at the Islamic Business and Finance Awards in Dubai in December 2007

- honored by Islamic Finance News with "Qatar Deal of the Year" (Feb. 2008)

- was a finalist for "Best Islamic Finance Law Firm" at the Islamic Business & Finance Awards (Dec. 2007)




Clifford Chance

Managing Partner:  Craig Medwick

Customer Service email:

Shariah:[email protected]&LangID=UK&contentitemid=13870


Islamic Finance News Awards 2007 (for deals done in 2006) 


(“Clifford Chance was working on a deal last year that was near completion when the credit crisis erupted. The deal was deemed Shariah compliant by the scholar but collapsed as a result of the 2007 summer market turbulence. “It was a real shame because the scholar, banks and rating agency completely agreed that the structuring worked,”)


King & Spalding

Chairman:   Robert Hays

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A leader in the area of Islamic finance and pioneered many Shari’ah-complaint financial products that are in wide use today.

“In 2008, more than 200 of our lawyers were involved in Middle East and Shari’ah-compliant finance and investment transactions handled by our firm”


In 2004, King & Spalding was recognized by Euromoney as “Best Legal Advisors in Islamic Finance

“The common perception is that the U.S. is anti-Islamic finance, anti-Muslim, anti-Arab,” said Isam Salah, head of the Islamic finance practice at the New York law firm King & Spalding.“ People in our shop sit around and think that is wrong….

Under Shariah Law, devout Muslims will not purchase assets that pay interest or earn profits from industries related to alcohol, gambling, or pork processing, among others.


Murtha Cullina

Managing Partner: Elizabeth J. Stewart

Customer Service email:






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