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Gaza's Defiant Islamists Reject PLO Dominance

Hamas is ruling Gaza under militant Shariah Law and will not compromise with Fatah. “Hamas does not recognize Israel 's right to exist and opposes the Fatah strategy pursued by President Mahmoud Abbas of seeking to negotiate a permanent peace deal.”

December 14, 2009
Gaza City, Gaza Strip

The Islamist movement Hamas served notice on Monday that it would ignore any decisions by the Palestine Liberation Organization this week about future leadership and peace talks with Israel.

"Hamas will not retreat from Jihad and resistance until it achieves freedom and independence for our people," Gaza Strip Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told a huge rally.

"We will not recognize Israel and we will not abandon resistance." he said.

In a speech underlining the split in Palestinian ranks between his movement and the secular Fatah group, the Hamas leader in Gaza said any decisions taken by the PLO Central Council meeting in the West Bank would be unconstitutional.


'Now we have proof' Jihadis infiltrating D.C.

“Indisputable evidence now shows CAIR and other "mainstream" Islamic groups are acting as fronts for a well-funded conspiracy of the Muslim Brotherhood – the parent of al-Qaida and Hamas – to infiltrate and destroy the American system.” CAIR is a qualified receiver of charitable dollars or "zakat" through Islamic Charities.

October 14, 2009
By Art Moore
Washington, D.C.

In the wake of the sensational ACORN video sting operation by two young investigators, an even more daring and devastating undercover investigation – this one infiltrating the nation's most aggressive Muslim "civil rights" organization for six months – has produced stunning revelations about the supposedly "moderate" group, backed up by 12,000 pages of documents obtained during the secret op.

As revealed in a new book detailing the operation and its findings, the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is not the beneficent Muslim civil-rights group it claims to be. Indisputable evidence now shows CAIR and other "mainstream" Islamic groups are acting as fronts for a well-funded conspiracy of the Muslim Brotherhood – the parent of al-Qaida and Hamas – to infiltrate and destroy the American system.

Until now, CAIR has remained a powerful force in the nation's capital and across the country, from demanding the Obama administration stop FBI counter-terrorism tactics to compelling a school district to apologize to Muslims.

That influence, many believe, may be coming to an end, as a result of the undercover investigation – which included the son of a veteran counter-terrorism investigator, who grew a beard and converted to Islam, as well as two veiled female interns.


Barack Obama Advisor Says Sharia Law Is Misunderstood

U.S. President Obama's adviser on Muslim affairs, Dalia Mogahed, was broadcast and interviewed as she stated that Sharia was associated with "gender justice " or "justice for women."

The Daily Telegraph (UK)
October 8, 2009
London, England

Miss Mogahed, appointed to the President's Council on Faith-Based and Neighbourhood Partnerships, said the Western view of Sharia was "oversimplified" and the majority of women around the world associate it with "gender justice".

The White House adviser made the remarks on a London-based TV discussion programme hosted by Ibtihal Bsis, a member of the extremist Hizb ut Tahrir party.

The group believes in the non-violent destruction of Western democracy and the creation of an Islamic state under Sharia Law across the world.

Miss Mogahed appeared alongside Hizb ut Tahrir's national women's officer, Nazreen Nawaz.


Bosnia: Muslim spiritual leader urges more Sharia law

Bosnian Muslim spiritual leader calls for Shariah Law to be incorporated into the Bosnian Constitution.

August 17, 2009
Sarajevo, Bosnia

Bosnia’s Muslim spiritual leader, Reiss-ul-Ulema Mustafa Ceric, has drawn strong criticism from moderate Muslims and from Bosnian Serbs, after he called for Islamic Sharia law to be incorporated into the Bosnian constitution.

Ceric made the controversial suggestion when he conducted Bosnia's first Sharia mass wedding on Saturday in the central city of Zenica. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi reportedly paid for the weddings for the 20 couples and some 500 guests.

“In this exceptional place, in the exceptional city of Zenica, we are witnessing a magnificent event,” Ceric said. “I hope this is only the beginning and that we will have many such occasions in the years to come,” he added.

Ceric is no stranger to controversy, and his pronouncements often trigger a heated reaction.


Presidential Support for U.S. PLO Terror Mission

President Obama signs waiver on April 9, 2009 to allow the PLO Mission to the US to remain open in its DC office. This, despite our US Govt describing the PLO has a terrorist group.

Pajamas Media
August 7, 2009
Washington, D.C.

The PLO Mission to the United States is located in downtown Washington, D.C., less than two miles from the White House.

This is a scary reality, given the terrorist nature of the organization. Indeed, the U.S. government describes the PLO, or Palestine Liberation Organization, as a terrorist group, and the State Department has named important parts of the PLO to its foreign terrorist list. Yet it is this same U.S. government that has kept and continues to keep this mission intact. Who will finally have the common sense and will to shut the mission down?

In December 1987, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987. The act unequivocally called the PLO — an umbrella group for several violent entities — a “terrorist organization” and made it “unlawful” for the PLO to “establish or maintain” an office inside the United States. Citing various fanatical actions carried out by the group, including “the murders of dozens of American citizens abroad,” the act stated:

[T]he Congress determines that the PLO and its affiliates are a terrorist organization and a threat to the interests of the United States, its allies, and to international law and should not benefit from operating in the United States.

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