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Anwar at Georgetown: A Case Study in the Shaping of Expert Opinion

Anwar's affection for and ties to the most influential Muslim Brotherhood cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, are also extremely well-known to those paying any attention at all--that would be "Hitler didn't finish the job" Qaradawi; that would be "I encourage the mutilation of women's genitals" Qaradawi; that would be "Rape victims should be flogged" Qaradawi... Wouldn't you think Georgetown would be wary of inviting such a speaker to present the views of "moderate Muslims" about the Muslim Brotherhood?

February 17, 2011
Washington, D.C.

Prompted by Harlech's question, I want to offer some thoughts about why we're having a serious debate in America now about the Muslim Brotherhood's aptitude for "moderation."

I should say that his comment seems to have annoyed quite some number of Ricochet members, but I appreciated it. I have a better sense now of what many outside of the small community of American Ikhwan-watchers must be thinking: "Surely the people who are calling the Muslim Brotherhood moderate, or otherwise benign, couldn't be that wrong? They are, after all, experts, no?"

Those of us who follow the politics of the Muslim Brotherhood closely keep smacking our foreheads in bewilderment at these blithe pronouncements, unable to comprehend how this could be a matter of debate at all. There are serious debates to be had about the Ikhwan, but they're not debates about whether they're moderate. They are debates about how powerful they really are--in Egypt, for example--and what their strategy is apt to be at a moment like this, which appears to have caught them by surprise as much as it has everyone else. These are questions worthy of debate and difficult to answer.

That we're having a serious discussion, however, at high levels of our foreign policy establishment, about whether the Muslim Brotherhood is moderate should be seen not as a sign that those who say they are might be right, but as a symptom of a pathology in our foreign policy apparatus. It's important to recognize just what has happened to our intelligentsia--our experts, in other words--and to evaluate what they're saying in this light.


Muslim Students in Britain Reportedly Taught to Cuff Off Hands of Thieves, Hate Jews

February 9, 2011
London, England

Islamic schools across Britain are reportedly teaching their students how to cut off thieves’ hands and that Jews are plotting to take over the world.

One textbook given to 15-year-old students outlines physical punishments for violating Shariah law, according to BBC.

“For thieves their hands will be cut off for a first offence, and their foot for a subsequent offence,” the book says.

Diagrams are given to teenagers detailing where the amputations should be made, The Telegraph reports.


Oxford University Students Secretly Served Muslim Halal Meat

Oxford students recently found out that they were being served halal meat without their knowledge. The Farm Animals Welfare Council has called for a ban on halal meat in Britain, stating in a repot that halal slaughter caused animals to suffer “... very significant pain and distress.” The report also stated that “slaughter without pre-stunning is unacceptable and that the Government should repeal the current exemption.”

Small World News Service
February 7, 2011
Oxford, United Kingdom

Toff students were not warned their meals came from animals that were slaughtered by having their throats slit without being stunned.

The killing method ordered by Islamic law has been condemned as ”barbarically cruel” by animal rights groups.

But a Freedom of Information request revealed 17 colleges at Oxford University routinely served up meat from animals butchered using the halal method.


Islamic Students at Top University 'Are Preaching Hard-Line Extremism,' Terror Experts Warn


Daily Mail
October 18, 2010
London, England

Radical Islamic extremism is being openly practised at a leading university campus, a report today claimed.

Think tank Quilliam said they had evidence of hard-line Islamist ideology being promoted through the leadership of the university's student Islamic Society at City University in central London.

The group had intimidated and harassed staff, students and members of minority groups, it was claimed.

The counter-extremism think tank said they had evidence of the president of City University's Islamic Society, (ISoc) openly preaching extremism during prayers held on the campus during the 2009/10 academic year.


Texas Warns Book Publishers: 'No More White-Washing Islam'

The Texas Board of Education sends a warning to book publishers about handling the history of Islam with kid gloves. They reviewed social studies/history textbooks and, in part, noted the following: "In one instance, devoting 120 student text lines to Christian beliefs, practices, and holy writings but 248 (more than twice as many) to those of Islam; and dwelling for 27 student text lines on Crusaders' massacre of Muslims at Jerusalem in 1099 yet censoring Muslims' massacres of Christians there in 1244 and at Antioch in 1268, implying that Christian brutality and Muslim loss of life are significant but Islamic cruelty and Christian deaths are not."


World Net Daily
September 24, 2010
Austin, TX

The elected Texas Board of Education today adopted a resolution that warns textbook publishers to be careful and provide fair treatment of the world's religions – or face being snubbed by the state that buys more textbooks than any other.

The resolution, introduced by former Texas school board member Randy Rives, states: "Resolved, That the [State Board of Education] will look to reject future prejudicial social-studies submissions that continue to offend Texas law with respect totreatment of the world's major religious groups by significant inequalities of coverage space-wise and/or by demonizing or lionizing one or more of them over others."

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