Introduction: Shariah in Business

The totalitarian political movement of Shariah requires that every aspect of life adhere to Shariah Principles.

 As the Shariah movement grows, it is quietly demanding that western businesses comply with Shariah Law.  Within the business community of banking, this transformation is happening very quickly, and therefore an entire section entitled:  Shariah Finance is devoted to this industry.

 Slowly, other businesses are being encouraged or intimidated to become Shariah compliant in the West. These businesses are targeted because: 1) major shareholders are Shariah Faithful, 2) they funded with Shariah debt, 3) the host country requires it, or 4) customers or employees of the business are Shariah Faithful.


What makes a business Shariah Compliant?


A business is “Shariah compliant” if the cash management systems, financing, goods and services offered, dress code of employees, cafeteria food, and access to prayer and cleansing comply with Shariah Law as certified by employed Shariah Advisors.


What well-known businesses are slowly becoming Shariah compliant?


Target Inc
Church’s Chicken
Hyatt Hotels