Introduction: Lawfare Jihad

Excerpts from: Strategic View: LAWFARE, part one. Brooke Goldstein & Aaron Eiten Meyer.  A PDF of this article can be found on this website under Resource Library.

What is Lawfare Jihad?

Lawfare is defined as the use of the law as a weapon of war to obtain moral advantages over the enemy in a court of public opinion. Over the past ten years, there has been an increase in lawfare practices which directly target the human rights of North American and European civilians in order to constrain the free flow of public information about radical Islam. 

Well-funded Shariah organizations like CAIR and ISNA are using lawfare techniques to wage Legal Jihad against the west.  These Shariah groups are filing malicious lawsuits in American courts and abroad, designed to punish and silence those who engage in public discourse about radical Islam, also known as Shariah-Islam.


Who are the targets of Islamic Lawfare Jihad?

Lawsuits of defamation are being waged against counter-terrorism experts, law enforcement personnel, politicians, government officials, journalists, bloggers, radio show hosts and anyone working to disseminate information on Islamic terrorism and its sources of financing. The lawsuits are often predatory, filed without serious expectation of winning, and undertaken as a means to intimidate, demoralize, and bankrupt defendants. Claims are often based on frivolous charges ranging from defamation to workplace harassment, from “hate speech” to “Islamophobia”.

Have Islamic Lawsuits been successful in silencing free speech?

Yes. Lawfare Jihad has resulted in books being pulped, thousands of dollars worth of fines, gag orders and publishing houses and newspapers rejecting important works on counter-terrorism out of fear of being the next target.


Where is Lawfare Jihad happening?

 Defendants are usually from USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.


How does Lawfare Jihad fit in with other types of Jihad?

Violent Jihad and Lawfare Jihad can and do work apart, but often their work reinforces each other’s, For example, one tenet of Shariah Law is to punish those who criticize Islam and to silence speech considered “blasphemous”.  For example, while Shariah faithful Muslims burned cars to protest the Danish Cartoons, lawsuits against the publisher and creator of the cartoons were launched as well. In fact, the creator and publisher of the Danish Cartoons remain embroiled in lawsuits today.


What are some examples of Lawfare Jihad?

In Aug 2008, Random House stopped the presses and book tour for Sherry Jones’s novel, The Jewel of Medina, the story of Mohammad’s 9-year-old child bride.

American author Matthew Levitt and Yale Press were sued by KinderUSA for Levitt’s book Hamas in which KinderUSA was described as a charitable front for funding terror.

Gert Wilders, Dutch Parliamentarian and creator of the film FITNA, is being sued in Netherlands for “hate speech”.  FITNA describes how the Koran describes and mandates submission of women and other abuses.

The Wall Street Journal in 2002 reported on the monitoring of Saudi Bank accounts and was sued.