Introduction: Shariah & Homosexuality

How is Homosexuality treated according to Shariah Law?

Shariah Law treats homosexuality as a crime rather than a sin.
Shariah Law is very clear about the condemnation and execution of homosexuals.  The method of execution is at the discretion of the Shariah scholar who issues the fatwa. These executions are happening today all over the Islamic world.

The Iranian Constitution, which adheres to Shariah Law, states:

Sodomy is a crime, for which both partners are punished. The punishment is death if the participants are adults, of sound mind and consenting; the method of execution is for the Shari'a judge to decide.

This archaic ammendment to the constitution was instated in 1991.

Why aren’t they more articles in this section about the treatment of homosexuals? 

The execution of homosexuals in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran and elsewhere in the Islamic world is not reported in their media nor released to outside media. This is true of floggings, amputations and other horrific Shariah punishments that are carried out.  Media coverage of this cruelty would undermine efforts to whitewash and glorify Islam in western academic circles.

Articles and photos that are exposed generally travel via the Internet, thanks to bloggers and cell phone cameras.


What are some examples of the kinds of fatwas issued by Shariah Scholars against homosexuals today?  (Read more in this section.)

Feb 1998: Taliban scholars ordered the execution of three men for sodomy in the southern town of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. They were ordered to be buried alive under a pile of stones and a wall was pushed on top of them by a tank. Their lives were to be spared if they survived for 30 minutes and were still alive when the stones were removed.

April 2005: Memri TV has a clip and a transcript of a modern scholar asserting that homosexuals should be thrown off a cliff.


How is gay marriage treated according to Shariah Law?

“Gay marriage is totally prohibited in Islam as well as in all the divine religions. Gay marriage is an atrocious and obscene act, which belongs to unsound nature. Islam teaches that believers should neither do the obscene acts nor in any way indulge in their propagation. Allah says, "Those who love (to see) obscenity published broadcast among the Believers will have a grievous Penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: Allah knows, and you know not." (An-Nur: 19)



How have Shariah Scholars connected Homosexuality to corruption by the West?

“We would like to make it clear that sexual perversion—homosexuality and lesbianism—finds a great resort and refuge in the Western countries where it is accepted and legalized by the laws of these countries that put man in a position even worse than animals under the pretext of protecting human rights.
This act of accepting such perversion is a fierce attack against the rights of women and deep involvement in filthiness.”


What statements have Shariah Scholars or Advisors made about homosexuality?

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
, a prominent Shariah and Shariah Finance scholar states:

"Almighty Allah has prohibited illegal sexual intercourse and homosexuality and all means that lead to either of them. This perverted act is a reversal of the natural order, a corruption of man's sexuality, and a crime against the rights of females. 

Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid, a prominent Saudi scholar and lecturer, states:

“There is no doubt that this act, which goes against the pure human nature created by Allah, by making men content with men and women with women,         destroying families, adversely affecting the birth rate, causing the spread of killer diseases, harming the innocent when children are raped, and generally spreading corruption on earth, should be uprooted and stamped out."