Introduction: Shariah Finance Must-Reads

The articles written in this section will give the reader the greatest insight into concerns about Shariah Finance. Some of the topics covered in these articles include:  

  • Violations of U.S. Securities Law
  • Terror financing
  • Lack of Disclosure and Transparency
  • Shariah Investments as derivatives
  • Creeping control of American and International Bank corporate boards by Shariah leaders
  • Who promotes Shariah Finance and why
  • Purification methods to send profits to Islamic Charities and their connection to Jihad
  • History of Shariah Finance
  • Connection between Shariah Finance and the Muslim Brotherhood   


These articles have been written by respected Shariah Law, law and policy, anti-terrorism and national security experts, human rights, LGBT and women’s rights lawyers, policymakers and activists, journalists, Muslim freedom fighters and activists and dedicated to preserving Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press and Freedom of Religion.