List of Shariah Organizations

Muslim Education Action Center of America

The Muslim Education Action Center of America appears to be a conduit for funding (largely foreign funding), specifically to promote Shariah in America.

Here is their mission statement:

"We are a charitable organization dedicated to promoting a proper understanding of Islam. It is our goal to ensure that every Muslim boy and girl grows up in a world safe from intolerance and fear.

Islam requires that every Muslim observe and live under Divine Law, yet many cultures are not receptive to this life. Many Muslims are prohibited from governing themselves under the principles of their own faith. We must combat intolerance to spread acceptance of Sharia across the world."

"We also assist educational institutions in lobbying state and national government for the autonomy and resources necessary for effective teaching of Islam."

Turning to the "About Us" sections of the MEAC web site, we find:

"MEAC facilitates the realization of American Muslims' desire for a virtuous and happy life in a Shari'ah-compliant way."

"We especially look for organizations that share our philosphical approach to the spread of Islam and the establishment of Sharia worldwide."

Note that MEAC reports that they have donated between $9 million and $27 million annually over the past 5 years to promote Shariah in America.

MEAC is taxpayer-subsidized with non-profit status and they use donations to support Shariah-Compliant Finance:

"While MEAC depends heavily on large donors, both individual and institutional, and for that we are blessed, we could not sustain ourselves without the support of individuals like you. Because MEAC qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, all donations are tax exempt.

Rest assured that all MEAC Trust holdings are invested in Shariah compliant stocks, domestic and foreign securities, and portfolios based on Islamic principles. All donations that are not immediately put to use will be held in Shariah compliant fashion, putting principle before profit."

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

MPAC is a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) affiliated organization whose leadership espouses Wahhabism, a radical Islamic ideology. MPAC has followed a consistent pattern of defending designated terrorist organizations and their supporters, opposing U.S. counterterrorism efforts and spouting anti-Semitic rhetoric. It has sought to undermine law enforcement efforts to monitor Muslim communities. The organization has characterized Israel as a "racist state" and blames the Jewish state for the "pattern of violence" in the Middle East. MPAC has likened members of terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah, to "freedom fighters" and featured an article in its magazine, Al-Talib, praising Osama Bin Laden. At an MPAC-sponsored rally in 2000, literature was distributed that called for the annihilation of Jews and Israel.

In July 2009, President Barack Obama appointed MPAC member Arik Alikhan as Assistant Secretary of Policy Development at the Department of Homeland Security. Alikhan was instrumental in pressuring the LAPD to abandon a program to monitor radical mosques and madrassas in Los Angeles, including communities where 9/11 hijackers received support.

In 2000, MPAC's Senior Advisor, Maher Hathout, was invited to address the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles.

Appalling as it might sound, the U.S. State Department is actually sending the Executive Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) to Europe to speak about "religious freedom and free speech."

U.S. State Department Sends MPAC Executive Director To Europe

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has announced that Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati traveled to Europe last month at the invitation of the State Department to speak about religious freedom and free speech. According to the report:

Last week, Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati traveled to Europe at the invitation of the State Department to speak about religious freedom and free speech. He spoke at UNESCO in Paris and at the U.S. mission to the United Nations in Geneva. Al-Marayati explained that religious freedom and free speech are opposite sides of the same coin of human rights. Given the alarming degree of Islamophobia in Europe, some Muslim countries have sought to pass anti-defamation legislation to counter anti-Islamic rhetoric. In Geneva, Al-Marayati told a group of Muslim ambassadors that legislation will not resolve the problem of Islamophobia, but rather, engagement in the political, social and cultural arenas of any society. The Quran chronicles attacks against the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) without suppressing free speech. Instead, the good work of the early Muslims replaced the negative stereotypes that others imposed on them. The same applies in this day and age. Many of the ambassadors were thankful for Al-Marayati’s perspective on this issue and for working to bridge the divide between Muslim and Western countries.

MPAC was established initially in 1986 as the Political Action Committee of the Islamic Center of Southern California whose key leaders likely had their origins in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Since that time, MPAC has functioned as the political lobbying arm of the U.S. Brotherhood. MPAC has opposed virtually every count-terror initiative undertaken or proposed by the U.S. government. At times this opposition was said to be on civil-rights grounds but, just as often, MPAC claimed that U.S. counter-terror efforts were aimed at the U.S. Muslim community itself. MPAC has constructed and consistently espoused an elaborate ideology defending the use of violence by Islamists and Islamist organizations. More than any other U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organization, MPAC has developed extensive relationships with the U.S. government which have included numerous meetings with the Department of Justice and the FBI.


CAIR promotes a radical Islamic vision, as evidenced by the fact that its co-founder Omar Ahmad told a Fremont, California audience in July 1998: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." In a similar spirit, co-founder Ibrahim Hooper told a reporter in 1993: "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future." In 2003 Hooper stated that if Muslims ever become a majority in the United States, they will likely seek to replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law, which they deem superior to man-made law. In the late 1980s, Ihsan Bagby, who would later become a CAIR Board member, stated that Muslims "can never be full citizens of this country," referring to the United States, "because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country."

North American Islamic Trust

NAIT holds mortgages, raises funds, and offers limited interest-free loans to mosques, Islamic schools, and community centers. The organization currently holds the titles to hundreds of Islamic properties across the United States, potentially over 27% of the nations mosques. NAIT seeks to ensure that the institutions which fall under its financial influence endorse the principles of Shari'ah and Wahhabism. NAIT also manages the Dow Jones Islamic Fund (DJIF), a no-load mutual fund offered by a NAIT subsidiary called Allied Asset Advisors. The DJIF invests in "Shariah-compliant companies, in response to the needs of Muslim investors, who not only want to have a financially rewarding investment, but a Shariah-compatible one as well."

Muslim Students Association

The MSA preaches self-segregation: its newly established National Religious Accommodations Task Force directs local MSA chapters to insist that universities provide separate housing and meals for Muslims only. The segregation practiced by the MSA has actually marginalized its own female members: there is a common attitude that strict segregation should exist between the genders and that sisters should not appear in public. On an MSA mailing list, a popular article gives a long list of conditions that women must fulfill to gain access to the mosque. These include obtaining permission from her male guardian, wearing hijab [veil], not wearing "fancy clothes" or perfume, not mixing with men, leaving immediately after the prayer, etc. Additionally The MSA has played a major role in spreading Wahhabism.

Islamic Saudi Academy

On June 11 2008 the US Commission on International Religious Freedom confirmed that material inciting violence and intolerance remained in textbooks used at the Saudi Government’s Islamic Saudi Academy. The ISA is a private school in Virginia, USA that is owned and operated by the Saudi government. Examples cited include the following: “In a twelfth-grade Tafsir textbook, the authors state that it is permissible for a Muslim to kill an apostate (a convert from Islam), an adulterer, or someone who has murdered a believer intentionally: “He prohibits killing the soul that God has forbidden to kill unless for just cause.” Just cause is defined in the text as “unbelief after belief, adultery, and killing an inviolable believer intentionally.” A twelfth-grade Tawhid (monotheism) textbook states that a Muslim can take the life and property of someone believed to be guilty of polytheism with impunity. Under the Saudi interpretation of Islam, “major polytheists” include Shi’a and Sufi Muslims, as well as Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists.”

International Institute of Islamic Thought[EventDateBegin]

The International Institute of Islamic Thought is currently hosting a speaking engagement by the Cordoba Initiative on their “The Shariah Project.” The Cordoba Initiative describes The Shariah Project as “Shariah requires a nation to care for its citizens’ welfare, provide religious freedom, offer educational opportunities, protect minorities, and allow citizens to participate in their own governance. The Shariah Project will enumerate the societal – as opposed to religious – obligations that Shariah requires of a nation governed according to Islamic principles. The Project will strengthen the capacity of moderate Muslims to employ the vocabulary and principles of Islam to reduce conflict and promote democratic values in Islamic societies.”

Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA)

The Fiqh Council of North America is an independent body of Fiqh councilors organized to help the growing Muslim community in North America with considered Shari'ah-based advice and counsel. The Fiqh Council of North America aims at participating, through its academic expertise, in the process of facilitating the Islamic way of life in North America by providing institutions and individuals with legal opinions and advice based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah. The Council's primary objectives include the following.

  1. To consider, from a Shari'ah perspective, and offer advice on specific undertakings, transactions, contracts, projects, or proposals, guaranteeing thereby that the dealings of American Muslims fall within the parameters of what is permitted by the Shari'ah.
  2. To consider issues of relevance to the community and give, from a Shari'ah perspective, advice and guidelines for policy, procedure, and practice. Such advice may take the form of position papers, fatawa, research papers, sample forms for legal agreements, or whatever else is deemed effective.
  3. To establish and maintain working relationships with Shari’ah experts worldwide, including muftis, university professors, researchers, Shari’ah court justices, and members of national and international Fiqh councils and academics.

Abdurrahman Alamoudi
Abdurrahman Alamoudi, head of the American Muslim Council and American Muslim Foundation, was a trustee of the Fiqh Council of North America[1], a fact which he omitted, along with several other associations to various other Islamic organizations, from his U.S. citizenship/naturalization application. He was subsequently convicted of immigration fraud based on those omissions and plead guilty to a plot in which he was going to assassinate the leader of Saudi Arabia on behalf of Al Qaeda associates in London. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison. On July 14, 2005, the Treasury Department issued a statement announcing that Alamoudi had facilitated the transfer of approximately $1 million to Al-Qaida from an organization called the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA), a U.K.-based Saudi oppositionist group, a group designated a terrorist organization by Treasury.[2] The Treasury Department release stated that the arrest of Alamoudi was a “severe blow to al Qaida, as Alamoudi had a close relationship with al Qaida and had raised money for al Qaida in the United States.”[3] On September 29, 2003, Alamoudi was charged in the Eastern District of Virginia for illegal financial dealings with Libya, immigration fraud and tax evasion.

Taha Jaber Al-Alawani

  • According to his website at the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (GSISS), Al-Alawani is the President of the Fiqh Council of North America and was previously President of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Herndon, Virginia.
  • Al-Alawani is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case against Sami al-Arian, the alleged North American leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, whose trial began in June 2005 in Tampa, Florida.
  • Al-Alawani is an official of several organizations, including the SAFA Group, which the government suspects is related to a network of terrorist entities.
  • In an affidavit filed in the Eastern District of Virginia by Senior Special Agent David Kane of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement division of the Department of Homeland Security, Kane states “I have found information indicative of a conspiracy between Safa Group individuals and Sami Al-Arian to support and fund terrorists and terrorist groups including HAMAS and PIJ.”
  • In the same affidavit, Kane cites a fatwa signed by Al-Alawani some time between December 1988 and November 1989 which stated, “the truth by the powers invested in us by Allah, that Jihad is the only way to liberate Palestine; that no person or authority may settle the Jews on the land of Palestine or cede to them any part thereof, or recognize any right therein for them.”
  • In a letter introduced into evidence at the trial of al-Arian, Al-Alawani affirmed financial and ideological support that Al-Alawani’s organization provided to al-Arian:
    Honorable brother, I think we do not need to affirm that we consider you as a Group, you and brother Mazen [al-Najar] and brother Khalil [Shikaki, brother of PIJ founder Fathi Shikaki] and brother Bashir [Nafi ] and Brother Ramadan [Shallah, present head of PIJ] and Sheikh Abdel Aziz [Odeh, a founder and spiritual leader of the PIJ], a part of us and an extension of us, and us part of you and extension of you also, we never experienced any doubts about that since we knew you and we will continue like that.

    And the matter of the financial support was never the basis of our relationship, for our relation added to the brotherhood of faith and Islam is an ideological and cultural concordance with the same objectives and all of your institutions are considered by us as ours, and they receive all the attention, and I explained to you the circumstances the institutions of your brother go through, and despite which we can truthfully say that we gave your institutions or our institutions that you manage more attention than institutions we manage by ourselves, because you are in an important positions without a doubt, and you deserve from us and our likes all cooperation, God willing . . .


Sheikh Muhammad al-Hanooti

  • Sheikh Muhammad al-Hanooti is a member of the Fiqh Council.
  • From 1984 to 1986, al-Hanooti was the president of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP). The IAP has a long history of links to Middle East terrorism and its financial support. A 2001 INS memo extensively documented IAP’s support for HAMAS and noted that the “facts strongly suggest” that IAP is “part of HAMAS’ propaganda apparatus.” In August 2002, a federal judge ruled that there was evidence that “the Islamic Association for Palestine has acted in support of HAMAS.”
  • And most significantly, in December 2004, a federal magistrate judge held the IAP civilly liable for $156 million in the 1996 shooting of an American citizen by a HAMAS member in the West Bank. According to an audiotape from a 1998 speech, Hanooti stated:
    “At the moment, Dar al-Hijra is the greatest example in sacrifice, execution and in carrying out the Jihad that Allah calls for. Allah will give us the victory over our tyrannical enemies in our country. Allah, the infidel Americans and British are fighting against you. Allah, the curse of the infidel Americans and British are fighting against you. Allah, the curse of Allah will become true on the infidel Jews and on the tyrannical Americans.”


Muzammil Siddiqui

  • Muzammil Siddiqui is a member of the Fiqh Council, and has served as president
  • Siddiqui was also Chairman of the Department of Religious Affairs at the Muslim World League (MWL) Office to the United Nations from 1976 to 1980. MWL has been linked by government documents and intelligence to terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda.

    On October 28, 2000 at a rally in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C., Siddiqui said, “America has to learn -- if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come!”


Jamal Badawi
Badawi issued a fatwa authorizing a husband to physically punish his wife: "There are cases, however, in which a wife persists in bad habits and showing contempt of her husband and disregard for her marital obligations. Instead of divorce, the husband may resort to another measure that may save the marriage, at least in some cases. Such a measure is more accurately described as a gentle tap on the body, but never on the face, making it more of a symbolic measure than a punitive one. One wonders why Badawi would restrict the physical contact from the face if he were expecting his followers to actually punish their wives with only a “gentle tap”?

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood members have in the past pushed for conservative interpretations of sharia on such matters as divorce and women's rights. By 1990 in the US, Brotherhood members had helped establish many mosques and Islamic organizations. Some of those efforts were backed financially by the Saudi Arabian government, whose Wahhabi interpretation of Islam is well known for its support of Shariah. Groups that the Brotherhood helped form printed Islamic books, many of which were distributed at mosques and on college campuses. They included Sayyid Qutb's "In the Shade of the Koran" and "Milestones," which urge jihad, martyrdom and the creation of Islamic states. Scholars came to view his writings as manifestos for Islamic militants. "These books had questionable paradigms, especially a dichotomous division between `us' and `them,'" says Umar Faruq Abdallah, a noted Islamic scholar who heads a Muslim educational group in suburban Chicago. "It was very harmful. It helped to create a countercultural attitude in our community."

The Muslim World League

The Muslim World league employs means that are not at variance with the Shareah (Islamic Laws) to achieve its objectives which include: Advocating the application of the rules of the Shareah either by individuals, groups or states; Coordinating the efforts of Islamic preachers the world over; Developing methods of the propagation of Islam in accord with the dictate of the Quran and the Sunnah; Overseeing the activities of the Fiqh Council and Lending it the support it needs to find Islamic solutions to contemporary problems; Promote activities that aim at spreading the Arabic language and raise the standard of teaching it both to Arabs and non-Arabs; Setting up branch offices as well as Islamic centers to serve the purpose of Islam.

Islamic Society of North America

ISNA devotes much of its energy to providing Wahhabi theological indoctrination materials to some 1,100 of the approximately 2,500 mosques in North America. Many of these mosques were recently built with Saudi money and are required, by their Saudi benefactors, to strictly follow the dictates of Wahhabi imams – an edict that affects the tone and content of the sermons given in the mosques, the selection of books and periodicals that may be read in mosque libraries or sold in mosque bookshops, and the policies governing the exclusion or suppression of dissenters from the congregations. The Saudi-subsidized ISNA reportedly holds the mortgages of between 50 and 79 percent of all mosques in the U.S. and Canada. Thus the organization can exercise ultimate authority over the mosques and their teachings. Additionally Former ISNA President, Sheikh Mohammed Nur Abdullah received a B.A. and Masters degree in Sharia, and is a member of the Sharia Scholars Association of North America.

Ingrid Mattson
Ingrid Mattson is the President of the Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA) United States office. Mattson formerly served, along with ISNA’s past President Muzammil Siddiqi, on the Board of Trustees of the North American Islamic Trust, which has had close ties to both the Muslim Brotherhood and the now-defunct Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.

In a September 2002 interview with PBS, Mattson stated that she did not see “any difference” between Christian leaders criticizing Islam or al Qaeda on the one hand, and Osama bin Laden citing “Islamic theology to justify violence against Americans” on the other. That is, she believed that the Christians were inciting terrorism in a manner not unlike bin Laden.

Read more here.

Bridgeview Mosque Foundation

The Bridgeview Mosque Foundation is under investigation for ties to Hamas. One member has already been arrested. BMF funds suicide bomber remembrance statues in Palestine and its building is owned by the North American Islamic Trust, a Saudi run Wahabi organization. Its high committee is largely composed of members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are associated with radicalism and aim to promote “Islamic ideals” throughout society. They see non-Muslim ideals as poor, including American ones.

International Committee for the Support of the Final Prophet

ICSFP works to fight “materialism” and “paganism” in all spheres of life. They are against any depiction of Mohammed (free speech doesn’t matter to them). They have encouraged sanction for people “offending other religions”. It considers “rights of Allah” and the “rights of the Prophet” to be immutable, superseding other law (national for instance).

Ihya Foundation

Ihya Foundation works to foster Canadian Muslim identity by developing societies that live under “classical” Muslim law. Ihya supports the revival of traditional Islam. Ihya is a member of the coalition against Israel’s war crimes. Ihya is loosely affiliated with WAMY and other extremist groups.

World Assembly of Muslim Youth

WAMY is funded by Saudi run Wahabist groups, functioning as the religious police in some Muslim communities. It has links to many extremist terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda. WAMY strongly opposed the Danish cartoons of Mohammed and is run by Osama bin Laden’s nephew. They also have been connected to BOTH WTC attacks, and have supported Hamas while distributing pro-Jihad anti-Semitic literature. They actively try to convert Westerners, and see Islam as inseparable from everyday life, promoting its virtues tirelessly.

American Muslim Council

AMC is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, both in membership and funding. AMC seeks to promote Muslim culture and values in the United States, and opposes war, Guantanamo Bay, Israeli “terror” and the War on terror. They oppose free speech when it suits them. AMC collects reports of “injustice” functioning as an ACLU-type organization of the Muslim community.

Quaranic Literacy Institute

The Quaranic Literacy Institute is a non-profit organization with the intended mission of translating and publishing sacred Islamic texts. However, the group also has a history of recurrent involvement with terrorist organizations. First, in 1995, the group’s leader, Mohammad Salah, plead guilty to being a Hamas operative in Israel. Then, in June of 1998, the Quranic Literacy Institute (QLI) had $1.4 million in assets seized by the Justice Department on the grounds that it was used to support Hamas terrorist activities. Finally, the swiftest condemnation of the QLI came in the form of the 2002 7th Circuit Court’s ruling, BOIM v. QURANIC LITERACY INSTITUTE AND HOLY LAND FOUNDATION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT, 291 F.3d 1000 (7th Cir. 2002). In this case, the organization’s historic ties to Hamas were laid out, as both the QLI and the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) were characterized as “the main front for Hamas in the United States.” Further, the case asserts that these organizations’ “humanitarian functions mask their core mission of raising and funneling money and other resources to Hamas operatives in support of terrorist activities.” Finally, the group has strong ties with other organizations with histories of sponsoring terror, such as the aforementioned Holy Land Foundation.

Tablighi Jamaat

Tablighi Jamaat’s ties to terrorist organizations have been detailed extensively. The group has been associated with a number of specific plots, such as the 2005 plots to blow up London Airliners bound for the Americas. The group’s shady dealings have been investigated into most prominently, however, by our own Alex Alexiev. He has catalogued the group’s stealthy support for Islamist organizations through a number of incidents, including its support of the overthrow of Benazir Bhutto. Others Alexiev cites have gone as far as characterizing Tablighi’s overall goal as “planned conquest of the world” in the spirit of Jihad. The group has an increased presence in the United States, with an estimated 15,000 Tablighi missionaries now present. Finally, it sports growing ties to a number of terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda.

Islamic Academy of Florida

The Islamic Academy of Florida has had well-documented, direct involvement in a number of terrorist activities. In 2003, its founders, Sami Al Arian and Sammeeh Hammoudeh, were both directly named in a Department of Justice indictment for having been part of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) enterprise. Further, the school has been characterized as the key “front for Al-Arian’s terrorist funding,” with Al-Arian portrayed to be the leader of a much larger ring of terror funding. In the time since, Al-Arian received a vastly reduced sentence as the result of a plea bargain, which he has already served. However, these ties did not prevent the IAF from receiving taxpayer money for a number of years, to the amount of $350,000 in 2003. Finally, the school itself is funded by the North American Islamic Trust, a highly-influential group with deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hizb ut-Tahrir

Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international Islamist political party whose goal is to combine all Muslim countries in a unitary Islamic state or caliphate, ruled by Islamic law and with a caliph head of state elected by Muslims. Hizb ut-Tahrir has spread to more than 40 countries, and by one estimate has about one million members. Hizb ut-Tahrir is very active in the west, particularly in the UK , and is also active in several Arab and Central Asian countries, despite being banned by most of the local regimes. Hizb ut-Tahrir believes a caliphate "will provide stability and security to all the people of the region, Muslims and Non-Muslims".The party promotes "an elaborate and detailed program for instituting an Islamist state" that will "establish the laws of the Islamic Shariah and to carry the Da’wah of Islam to the world." It believes this "comprehensive solution" will bring an end to "US interventions, energy inspired wars, puppet (Muslim) governments and western values forced by the barrel of a gun." Hizb ut-Tahrir is strongly anti-Zionist and calls for "the dismantling" of the "illegal entity" of Israel . Hizb ut-Tahrir works to create an atmosphere conducive to terrorism by preaching hatred and by actions such as calling suicide bombers "martyrs" and talking of the need to "destroy the new crusaders," i. e. Western troops in Iraq.

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