Introduction: Shariah & Women and Children

Shariah Law, as written by Shariah scholars and virtually unchanged for 1400 years, is cruel and predatory in its treatment of women and young girls. This treatment of women is not just written in a holy book, it is practiced in many Islamic countries and worse, being tolerated in Western countries with Muslim populations in a naïve and dangerous gesture of respecting culture and religion.

Here are the Shariah laws as they apply to women and Family Law. (From Reliance of The Traveler: The Classic Manual of Sacred Law, the authoritative Sha'afi school compendium of Shari'a jurisprudence)

Shariah, Women & Family Law:

• Women are eligible for only half of the inheritance of men

• Virgins (as young as pre-pubescent) may be married against their will by a father or grand-father

• Arab women may not marry non-Arab men

• Women may not leave the house without a husband’s permission

• Muslim men may marry four women, including Christians and Jews; Muslim women must marry Muslims

• Men may beat insubordinate wives

• Homosexuals and lesbians must be killed

• Slavery is permitted and legitimate

• Muslim men have unlimited sexual rights over slave women, whether or not they're married

• Female sexual mutilation (cliterectomy) is obligatory

• Adultery is punished by death by stoning

• Women's testimony in court is worth half that of men

• Non-Muslim women married to Muslim men may not testify in Shariah courts

• Rape must be proven by four male witnesses

Countries like Malaysia and Pakistan are now stoning women and making them the property of men. Historically moderate Islamic countries like Turkey, Egypt and Jordan are losing the war to Shariah radicals, and women in these countries are wearing burqas, being politically and socially silenced and losing personal freedoms everyday.

According to Shariah Law, girls can be married as young as nine, as Mohammad took child bride Aisha at that age. In the case of divorce, a father gets custody of his daughters at the age of nine.

In France there are over 700 No-Go zones where the French police have given over control to Shariah radicals. Women in these communities are being beaten and raped for not covering up. These are essentially Shariah Sovereign towns in France. France has lost control here.

In Great Britain, there are No-Go zones as well, though no documentation as to the number. Also, in Feb 2008 polygamy was legitimized. If a man emigrates to Britain with up to four wives, they will receive social service benefits. (This is now happening in Canada as well.) Polygamy ensures that men and women are not equal. This is the same concept as a "harem" of women, all completely subservient to the man who "owns" them.

There are reports of honor killings in Great Britain murder by Muslim fathers/brothers/uncles of sisters/wives/daughters who have broken Islamic rules and “disgraced” the family. Children are falling off school rosters with suspicion of a hundreds of forced child marriages. Violence against immigrant Muslim women is reported each day (who knows what is not being reported).

We are starting to see similar abuses of Muslim women, here in the USA as well. Husbands from Somalia and Paikstan are bringing their families to America but not allowing them to experience American freedoms and women rights. Many of these new women immigrants are trapped in their homes exactly as they were in their native countries. America domestic violence centers are reporting a serious surge in help calls from Muslim women and girls who are being beaten by their fathers, brothers and uncles for embracing their rights as women to be treated as equals.

  • Shariah: an all-encompassing and in-transmutable system of Islamic jurisprudence, found in the Koran and the Sunnah, that covers all aspect of life, including daily routines, hygiene, familial roles and responsibilities, social order and conduct, directives on relationships with Muslims and non-Muslims, religious obligations, financial dealings and many other facets of living.
  • Ird: the sexual purity of a woman that confers honor to her husband, family and community. Ird is based on the traditional standards of behavior set forth in the shariah code and includes subservience to male relatives, modest dress which could include veiling and the covering of the body, and restricted movement outside of the home. The loss of a woman’s ird confers shame upon her family and can result in ostracism by the community, economic damage, political consequences and the loss of self esteem.
  • Zina: the Koranic word for sexual relations outside of marriage. Under shariah law, Zina is punished by lashings, imprisonment or stoning to death.
  • FGM: female genital mutilation refers to the partial or complete removal of the female genitalia for religious and cultural reasons. It is practiced to preserve a female’s chastity and dampen her sexual desire. FGM is permitted in the Koran but required by the Shafi’i, one of the four schools of shariah law within Sunni Islam.
  • Honor Killing: a murder, usually of a female, committed to restore the social and political standing of a family or community when it is believed that the victim has violated traditional behavioral expectations. Such violations can include improper covering of the body, appearing in public without a male relative chaperone, talking to an unrelated male, or exhibiting independence in thought and action. An honor killing can also be based on hearsay or gossip that is perceived as damaging to a woman’s relatives.
  • Forced Marriage: a marriage that is conducted without the consent of one or both parties in which duress is a factor. Such duress can include violence or physical intimidation, psychological abuse, blackmailing, kidnapping, or threats of imprisonment or institutional confinement.