Introduction: Shariah in Government

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and the Taliban, now in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria, rule by Shariah Law, a 1400- year-old written list of Islamic rules in which only men have power, only the purest of Muslims are acknowledged and protected, church and state are one and the government is a military totalitarian regime. Shariah Law is essentially the bill of rights and the constitution of these countries or ruling groups. Under Shariah Law, citizens are constantly being agitated to wage Jihad against non-believers (Muslims and non-Muslims) so that the entire world becomes the nation of Shariah-Islam. Only then will the messiah come and bring peace to the world.

Today the reach and momentum of Shariah Law is greater than ever before. This is the direct result of years of petrodollar financing since the 1970’s. Depending on oil prices, the Middle East reaps $500 billion to $1 trillion a year in oil revenues. Middle East rulers, whether they condone Shariah Law or not, must share power with Shariah Faithful extremists to avoid being overthrown.

In just the past year alone, Shariah law has been “imposed” formally in the Gaza Strip by Hamas (Jan 2009) and the Swat portion of Pakistan by the Taliban (Feb 2009). The organizations created by the Muslim Brotherhood, thriving in over 70+ countries all embrace Shariah Law, each engaging in violent, financial or cultural jihad.

Countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia and Nigeria (historically moderate Muslim countries) are physically fighting Shariah extremists who want to impose Shariah Law. There are articles every day in the newspapers documenting this bloody battle of moderate or secular Muslims against Shariah faithful Muslims.

Ironically, Western countries like Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, France, Australia, Canada and America are opening the door to Shariah Law in ignorant and dangerous gestures of multiculturalism and political correctness.

Finally, we are starting to see the governments of Western countries formally accept Shariah Law bit by bit. Examples are: taxpayer funded madrassas which teach the supremacy of Shariah-Islam and the importance of Jihad, Legal Shariah Courts emerging with judicial power equal to secular courts, government issued Shariah investments, and government access granted to lobby groups which embrace Shariah Law and agitate for legal representation.