Introduction: Shariah & Freedom of Speech

What is the Shariah Blasphemy Law and how does it silence Freedom of Speech and Press?  

Under Shariah Law, criticism of Shariah in any form is considered blasphemy, and a capital crime. This means criticism of any rules of Shariah, whether related to family, politics, social order, or ritual will be met with a death sentence. This is known as the Blasphemy Law. This law, written by Shariah Imams via fatwas or legal rulings, states that anyone who criticizes Shariah (Muslims and non-Muslims alike) and therefore offends Mohammad the Prophet, will receive a legal death sentence.  Shariah Law also demands vigilante justice, meaning every Shariah Faithful Muslim has an obligation to carry out justice and kill anyone who criticizes Shariah. This silences public and private “discourse” of Shariah-Islam, and shuts down dissidence. The lack of free speech and press is exactly what gives Shariah-Islam it’s lifeblood.  

Where can the actual text of Shariah Blasphemy Laws be found? 

Actual text of Islamic Blasphemy Law under Shariah can be found in the manual Reliance of The Traveler: The Classic Manual of Sacred Law, the authoritative Sha'afi school compendium of shari'a jurisprudence which can be purchased on-line at most bookseller sites such as  

What is the role of the Censorship of Speech and Press in political terror movements?

 Every successful oppressive regime in the world (Nazism, Communism, Apartheid, Chinese Cultural Revolution) has relied on suppression of free speech and press to achieve their goals. Control of Speech and Press is invaluable.  Dissidents cannot ask the world for help and expose what is happening.  Citizens controlled by terror regimes are inundated with propaganda from totalitarian leaders and have no access to another point of view. As propaganda is reinforced with no opposing viewpoint, it is slowly adopted as truth.

 How did the Shariah Blasphemy Law silence the June 2009 Iranian Revolution?

Information is the most valuable tool that a political movement has. Look what happened recently during the revolution in Iran, where Iranians came out into the streets to protest the fraudulent re-election of President Ahmandinejad, and to protest Shariah Law. The Iranian state arrested anyone criticizing Shariah, the law of the land, and therefore criticizing the election injustice.  Journalists were blocked from entering Iran. Radio and television are controlled and censored by the state. The only reason that the world found out about this nascent Iranian revolution is the internet. While the Iranian government did shut down many internet sites and access to internet search engines, the internet and the free flow of digital information it facilitates, from Twitter to Facebook to cell phones, was the reason that the State of Iran failed to shut down free speech and press.

 Is there a growing dissident movement against Shariah Law?


Liberty-minded Muslims understand the oppression of Shariah. There is a physical and political battle going on today in formally moderate Islamic countries like Indonesia, Turkey and Pakistan. Voices of dissidents are being heard through the Internet as liberty-minded Muslims take to the streets to fight Shariah Soldiers, like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Why aren’t Western countries being the voice for silenced Dissidents who are fighting against Shariah-Islam?

Ironically, in western countries like Canada, U.K., Holland and USA, criticism of Shariah law is being silenced out of ignorant gestures of “multiculturalism,”   “cultural respect”, “political correctness”. Criticism of Shariah in the west is also being successfully silenced by Saudi funded campaigns to paint critical viewpoints as “racist” and “Islamophobic”. The Strength of Western countries’ “tolerance” has become a real weakness in not identifying the difference between “cultural reciprocity and tolerance” and “cultural supremacy”.

Western countries refuse to recognize that Shariah-Islam is a totalitarian movement that oppresses Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Instead, Western countries have bought into the false claims that Shariah is the religious basis for Muslims, and so Shariah-Islam is being defended and protected by the west under the umbrella of Freedom of Religion.

Where around the globe is Shariah Law shutting down Freedom of Speech and Press?

Go to the map link to see how Shariah Law is shutting down Freedom of Speech and Press today in real time.

Who are recent victims threatened to be silenced by Shariah Blasphemy Laws and Shariah-Islam?

Wafa Sultan – Ex-Muslim and women’s rights activist, American citizen living in USA, in hiding toda

Ayaan Hirsi Ali -   Former Dutch Parliamentarian and Somalian Muslim living in hiding today

Nonie Darwish - Women’s rights activist and Egyptian Muslim, American citizen, living in USA today

Mark Steyn - Journalist who writes about Islamic Terrorism and extremism, sued in Canadian court for Insulting Islam in 2008

Ravindra Kumar & Anand Sinha - Editor and Publisher of English Language Newspaper “The Standard” arrested on charges of “hurting the feelings of Muslims” in Feb., 2009.

Geert Wilders – Dutch parliamentarian and producer of Film “Fitna”, is being prosecuted for hate speech in the Netherlands, and is banned entry in the UK

Oxford University Press – Removed the following words from the dictionary in 2008, citing possible offense to Muslims: Abbey, aisle, altar, bishop, chapel, christen, disciple, minister, monastery, monk, nun, nunnery, parish, pew, psalm, pulpit, saint, sin, devil, vicar

Kuwaiti bloggers:  Insulting Islam on the web is now a criminal offense

Danish Cartoonist from 2005: In 2008,  a Jordanian court charged him and 11 other Europeans with blasphemy, demeaning Islam and Muslim feelings, and slandering and insulting the prophet Muhammad in violation of the Jordanian Penal Code. The charges are especially unusual because the alleged violations were not committed on Jordanian soil.

Christian Action Network – Fined $4000 in 2009 by court in Maine USA for insulting Islam in a pamphlet.