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Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf's Cozy Partner, Elzanaty, Huge Hamas Funder

Atlas Shrugs
September 3, 2010
New York, NY

There's a new explosive revelation that the man who provided most of the funding for the Cordoba building was a large contributor to Hamas.

Hisham Elzanaty donated thousands to the Holy Land Foundation, later shuttered by the feds because of its Hamas ties. Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, et al, were named unindicted co-conspirators and Muslim Brotherhood fronts in the Holy Land trial (the largest terror funding trial in history).

Armaros opined, "Criminals, crooks, fraudsters, thugs and terrorist apologists. Nothing suspicious ...... Rauf could eat a baby live on MSNBC and they still would call stopping him "Un American". "The baby was attacking him"

So now it transpires that a key money- man behind the proposed Ground Zero mosque is a one-time supporter of a group shut down by the feds because it was a front for Hamas.

No wonder the mosque's principal imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, refuses to discuss the project's finances.

Or, for that matter, refuses to speak harshly of Hamas -- an Iranian cat's-paw that's long been one of the deadliest Islamist terrorist organizations operating in the Mideast.

It was reported last night that Hisham Elzanaty -- an Egyptian-born businessman from Long Island -- provided a big chunk of the $4.8 million needed to buy the building that will be demolished to make way for the mosque.

Among other things, Elzanaty runs a Bronx-based medicial supply company that had to refund more than $300,000 in Medicaid payments in 2004-2005.

In 1999, he donated thousands to the Holy Land Foundation, later shuttered by the feds because of its Hamas ties.

All of this is, as they say, enough to give one pause.

But we doubt it will truly surprise any among the 71 percent of New Yorkers found this week by Quinnipiac University pollsters to oppose the mosque.

Mayor Mike and others think they are bigots, but most seem to have asked -- and answered to their own satisfaction -- a fair question:

How close to the scene of that deadly Islamist attack on America is too close to build a mosque?

Answer: The proposed site was close enough to have been hit by a landing-gear assembly from one of the crashed airliners on 9/11 -- and that's way too close.

They're also nervous about the project's backers -- even before Elzanaty popped up -- deciding that, with those folks involved, anywhere might be too close.

As The Post reported yesterday, Rauf has been catching iffy tax breaks since 1998 for an organization run from his wife's Upper West Side apartment.

How'd he do it? By telling the IRS the one-bedroom digs were actually a mosque where 500 people prayed daily.

These are only the latest revelations about the mosque's backers, who've run up a cumulative record of petty crime, slumlording and tax-scamming.


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