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Boycott American, Israeli Goods: Qaradawi

Sheik Yusuf Al Qaradawi, one of the forefathers of Shariah Finance, declared that all Muslims around the world should boycott American and Israeli goods. This fatwa comes as a result of speculation that Israelis intend on razing Al Aqsa Mosque. He declared that Arab leaders have been “mute spectators” thus far.

The Peninsula (Qatar)
March 27, 2010
Doha, Qatar

A famed Doha-based cleric yesterday said Al Aqsa Mosque faced the threat of being razed and asked fellow Muslims the world over to boycott American and Israeli goods in protest.

Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi told the faithful in his Friday sermon at Omer bin Khattab Mosque that the building activity going on near Al Aqsa Mosque threatened the holy Islamic structure. “The Israelis are building a temple within the precincts of Al Aqsa Mosque with the ultimate objective to demolish the Mosque,” the cleric said in his Friday sermon.

The building of Al Kharab temple near Al Aqsa Mosque is an indication that the latter would be razed, he said.

So far 60 temples had been built around Al Aqsa, he noted. For Jews Al Kharab temple has religious significance as they believe a temple existed on the site earlier. For the past 1,000 years they have been carrying out diggings on the spot to look for remnants of this temple but in vain, he said.

He urged Arab leaders to unite and fight for the rights of the people of Palestine. The Arab leaders have so far been mute spectators, said the noted cleric.

He said time had come when the leaders should unite on the issue and raise it at their Summit (in Libya).

About boycotting American and Israeli goods, he said the step might sound simple but it is a very effective way to put pressure on these countries.


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